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23-04-2018 Focus Week Supersymmetric Quantum Field Theories in the Non-perturbative Regime
07-05-2018 Conference Supersymmetric Quantum Field Theories in the Non-perturbative Regime
28-05-2018 Focus Week Tensor Network and entanglement
11-06-2018 Conference Entanglement in Quantum Systems
18-06-2018 Meeting "It from Qubit" Workshop


29-05-2017 Conference Quantum science approaches to strongly correlated systems: from ultracold atoms to high-energy and condensed matter physics
19-05-2017 Conference Giuseppe Marchesini Memorial Conference
02-05-2017 Conference Classical and quantum aspects of the AdS3/CFT2 correspondence
10-04-2017 Focus Week Recent developments in AdS3 black-hole physics
23-03-2017 Meeting VIII Tuscan Meeting on Theoretical Physics
08-03-2017 Conference CONVEGNO Tematico AIAr Beni Culturali: grandi facilities, reti e networks di laboratori
30-01-2017 INFN Meeting 39th EUGridPMA
03-11-2016 INFN Meeting Riunione del Comitato Nazionale per la Formazione INFN
26-10-2016 Conference Supergravity at 40
26-09-2016 INFN Meeting Riunione e corso dei Rappresentanti del personale Tecnico, Amministrativo e Tecnologo INFN
20-09-2016 INFN Meeting Corso nazionale per la sicurezza informatica INFN
07-09-2016 Focus Week Supergravity, the next 10 years
17-05-2016 Conference GGI 10th anniversary - New Frontiers of Theoretical Physics - CortonaGGI 2016
02-05-2016 Conference Theoretical Cosmology in the Era of Large Surveys
26-04-2016 Focus Week GGI Focus Wek on Dark Energy and Modified Gravity
05-04-2016 Focus Week GGI Focus Week on Large Scale Structure
21-03-2016 Conference Frontiers in ultracold Fermi gases - 90 years after the "birth" of fermions in Florence
19-11-2015 Conference First COSMOS school and workshop
04-11-2015 INFN Meeting 2015 INFN Security Workshop
26-10-2015 Meeting From String Theory to Particle Physics and Cosmology, and Back
19-10-2015 Training Week Tools for String Phenomenology with applications to Particle Physics and Cosmology
13-10-2015 Conference Gearing up for LHC13
07-07-2015 INFN Meeting Future and emerging technologies: verso il programma di lavoro FET 2016-2017
22-06-2015 Conference Random Interfaces and Integrable Probability
18-05-2015 Focus Week Lattice models: exact methods and combinatorics
04-05-2015 Conference What next - Fisica Fondamentale Antimatter, Axions, Cold Gases, Quantum Simulations
21-04-2015 Conference SM@LHC
13-04-2015 Conference Gauge/Gravity Duality 2015
20-10-2014 Meeting Joint ATLAS+CMS+TH meeting on M_W
29-09-2014 Training Week Prospects and Precision at the Large Hadron Collider at 14 TeV
03-09-2014 Conference HP2 : High Precision for Hard Processes
26-05-2014 Conference Advances in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics: large deviations and long-range correlations, extreme value statistics, anomalous transport and long-range interactions
12-05-2014 Training Week Advances in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics: large deviations and long-range correlations, extreme value statistics, anomalous transport and long-range interactions
24-03-2014 Conference The Structure and Signals of Neutron Stars, from Birth to Death - Conference
16-12-2013 Conference Electroweak symmetry breaking, flavour and dark matter after the Higgs discovery
08-09-2013 Conference Geometry of Strings and Fields - Conference
09-07-2013 Conference Beyond the Standard Model after the first run of the LHC - Conference
10-06-2013 Training Week Beyond the Standard Model after the first run of the LHC
17-05-2013 Conference The Hill of Arcetri EPS Historic Site
06-05-2013 Conference Higher Spins, Strings and Duality - Conference
16-10-2012 Conference Johns Hopkins 36th Workshop
Latest News on the Fermi scale from LHC and Dark Matter searches
21-09-2012 Conference Conference in honor of Roberto Casalbuoni
70th Birthday
24-06-2012 Mini Conference What is ʋ?, INVISIBLES 12 and Alexei Smirnov Fest
29-05-2012 Meeting IARD 2012
The 8th Biennial Conference on Classical and Quantum Relativistic Dynamics of Particles and Fields
21-05-2012 Conference New quantum states of matter in and out of equilibrium - Conference
20-12-2011 Meeting VII Avogadro Meeting on Strings, Supergravity and Gauge theories
08-11-2011 Conference Interpreting LHC Discoveries Conference
25-10-2011 Conference Dark Workshop at GGI
12-09-2011 Focus Week Focus Week at the GGI Workshop
High energy QCD after the start of the LHC.
02-05-2011 Conference Large-N Gauge Theories Conference
20-12-2010 Meeting VI Avogadro Meeting on Strings, Supergravity and Gauge theories
01-11-2010 Focus Week Applications of AdS/CFT to condensed matter systems
27-09-2010 Mini Conference AdS4/CFT3 and the Holographic States of Matter Miniconference
14-09-2010 Conference High precision for hard processes at the LHC
17-05-2010 Conference The Dark Matter Connection: Theory and Experiment
22-03-2010 Conference Indirect Searches for New Physics at the time of LHC - Conference
26-10-2009 Conference The Search for New States and Forces of Nature
06-04-2009 Conference New Perspectives in String Theory: opening conference
02-03-2009 Conference Dark Energy
23-02-2009 Conference Gravitational Waves Detection with Atom Interferometry
09-02-2009 Conference Dark Matter
08-09-2008 Conference Exact Results in Low-Dimensional Quantum Systems: 2nd INSTANS Summer Conference
03-06-2008 Conference Strong Coupling: from Lattice to AdS/CFT
08-05-2008 INFN Meeting Giornate di Studio per Responsabili e Addetti ai Servizi di Prevenzione e Protezione dell'INFN
29-04-2008 Conference ESA Meeting on the ACES mission
14-01-2008 Conference EURISOL User Group Workshop
14-11-2007 Conference New perspectives in Lyapunov stability analysis: hydrodynamic limit, characterization of the phase space, predictability.
01-10-2007 Conference RAD COR 2007
12-09-2007 Conference ILC Physics in Florence
13-06-2007 Conference String and M theory approaches to particle physics and cosmology
18-05-2007 Conference The Birth of String Theory
08-02-2007 Conference apeNEXT
28-09-2006 Conference Advances in Precision Tests and Experimental Gravitation in Space
25-09-2006 Conference SIGRAV Graduate School on Experimental Gravitation in Space
07-07-2006 Conference Correlations and fluctuations in relativistic nuclear collisions
03-07-2006 Conference Critical Point and Onset of Deconfinement
06-06-2006 Conference Johns Hopkins 30th Workshop
19-09-2005 Conference GGI Inaugural Conference

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