VIII Tuscan Meeting on Theoretical Physics



Francesco Bigazzi (INFN, Firenze), Stefano Bolognesi (Pisa U. & INFN, Pisa), Aldo Cotrone (Firenze U. & INFN, Firenze), Dario Francia (SNS & INFN, Pisa), Domenico Seminara (Firenze U. & INFN, Firenze)

Period: from 23-03-2017 to 23-03-2017


The Tuscan Meetings are a series of seminars jointly organized by members of the Theory Groups from Firenze University, INFN, Pisa University and Scuola Normale Superiore. Each Meeting is planned to host 3 talks given (on the same day) by outstanding scientists working on string theory, black hole physics, quantum field theory, higher-spin theories and related topics. The list of  past and next events can be found on the official website.


  • Massimo Bianchi (Roma, Tor Vergata University and INFN)
  • Chris Hull (London, Imperial College)
  • David Tong (Cambridge, DAMTP)


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