Frontiers in Nuclear and Hadronic Physics



Francesco Becattini (University of Florence), Angela Bonaccorso (INFN - Pisa), Ignazio Bombaci (University of Pisa), Maria Colonna (INFN - LNS), Marzia Nardi (INFN - Torino), Gianni Salmè (INFN - Roma1) , Elena Santopinto (INFN - Genova), Enrico Vigezzi (INFN - Milano)


Period: from 20-02-2017 to 04-03-2017


The school is primarily addressed toPh.D. students in theoretical physics, yet the lectures are also suitable for experimentalists. Participation of post-docs is also encouraged. The goal of the school is to provide an introduction to the basic concepts and tools in the fields of hadronic physics and high energy nuclear physics as well as to advanced research topics.


  •  E. Swanson: QCD and Exotic hadron spectroscopy
  • A. Accardi: The partonic structure of protons and nuclei: from current facilities to the Electron-Ion Collider
  • J. Wambach: Meson propagation in nuclear matter
  • O. Philipsen: Lattice QCD at finite temperature
  • I. Karpenko: Relativistic hydrodynamics and its application to relativistic heavy ion collisions
  • A. Beraudo: Heavy quarks and hard probes in relativistic heavy ion collisions
  • K. Fukushima: Magnetic effects in relativistic heavy ion collisions.

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