GGI Workshops


28-08-2017 Collider Physics and the Cosmos
02-04-2018 Supersymmetric Quantum Field Theories in the Non-perturbative Regime
21-05-2018 Entanglement in Quantum Systems
20-08-2018 Beyond Standard Model: Where do we go from here?
15-10-2018 Amplitudes in the LHC era



22-05-2017 From Static to Dynamical Gauge Fields with Ultracold Atoms
20-03-2017 New Developments in AdS3/CFT2 Holography
05-09-2016 Supergravity: what next?
23-05-2016 Conformal Field Theories and Renormalization Group Flows in Dimensions d>2
21-03-2016 Theoretical Cosmology in the Era of Large Surveys
31-08-2015 Gearing up for LHC13
11-05-2015 Statistical mechanics, integrability and combinatorics
09-03-2015 Holographic Methods for Strongly Coupled Systems
01-09-2014 Prospects and Precision at the Large Hadron Collider at 14 TeV
05-05-2014 Advances in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics: large deviations and long-range correlations, extreme value statistics, anomalous transport and long-range interactions
10-03-2014 The Structure and Signals of Neutron Stars, from Birth to Death
26-08-2013 Geometry of Strings and Fields
20-05-2013 Beyond the Standard Model after the first run of the LHC
18-03-2013 Higher Spins, Strings and Duality
08-10-2012 Understanding the TeV Scale Through LHC Data, Dark Matter, and Other Experiments
27-08-2012 New Frontiers in Lattice Gauge Theory
11-06-2012 WHAT IS ʋ?: From new experimental neutrino results to a deeper understanding of theoretical physics and cosmology.
10-04-2012 New quantum states of matter in and out of equilibrium
31-10-2011 Interpreting LHC Discoveries
05-09-2011 High-energy QCD after the start of the LHC
04-04-2011 Large-N Gauge Theories
30-08-2010 AdS4/CFT3 and the Holographic States of Matter
26-04-2010 Dark Matter: Its Origin, Nature and Prospects for Detection
15-02-2010 Indirect Searches for New Physics at the time of LHC
31-08-2009 Searching for New Physics at the LHC
06-04-2009 New Perspectives in String Theory
19-01-2009 New Horizons for Modern Cosmology
01-09-2008 Low-dimensional Quantum Field Theories and Applications
14-04-2008 Non-Perturbative Methods in Strongly Coupled Gauge Theories
27-08-2007 Advancing Collider Physics: from Twistors to Monte Carlos
19-03-2007 String and M theory approaches to particle physics and cosmology
15-01-2007 High Density QCD
28-08-2006 Astroparticle and Cosmology
02-05-2006 New Directions Beyond the Standard Model in Field and String Theory


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